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My name is Anna Cichocka and I am here to help you find an employee.

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Why me?

Podejście do rekrutacji

I believe that the success of a company is determined by its people, therefore I can recruit exceptional Candidates for you.

I recruit the best candidates available on the market

My goal is to recruit an employee who closely matches the profile agreed with the employer. I achieve this through a solid business background and a commitment to getting to know the employer’s company and its needs.

Oszczędność czasu rekrutacji
You save time for the company and are able to focus on your business

An effective employee recruitment process involves many steps and is time consuming – outsourcing the process saves you a lot of time and stress. I operate efficiently – recruitment takes up to four weeks.

Pozytywny wizerunek wśród kandydatów
I build a positive image of your company among Candidates

Employee recruitment is often also part of brand-building. Employer Branding plays an important role, so I take care of the employer’s image at every stage of the employee recruitment process. I show Candidates why your company is a worthwhile place for them to work.

Odpowiedni pracownicy
I recruit the right employees for you

I effectively assess the competence of candidates and select the best employees to meet your needs. I guarantee proper verification of the candidates’ competences and predispositions which meet your expectations.

I recruit employees using dedicated tools, more than a dozen specialised databases, social media sites, advertisements, direct searches and a vast network of business contacts. These are powerful tools to correctly diagnose the potential of a future employee.

of experience
carried out

How I work?

Kompleksowa rekrutacja pracowników

I perform the comprehensive recruitment of employees and the support of existing employee search processes.

I treat every recruitment project individually

A personal approach and the use of modern recruitment tools makes it possible for you to find really talented people.

Comprehensive employee recruitment takes just 5 steps.

No two companies function identically, so no two positions function identically either. That is why every time, before I start recruiting employees, I verify the Customer’s needs and define the profile of a desired Candidate who meets the employer’s expectations. The search for an employee is always preceded by the signing of an agreement clearly defining the conditions of cooperation between myself and the Customer. The previously created Candidate profile constitutes an appendix to the agreement.

At this stage, I contact potential employees through direct search, headhunting, advertisements on websites and other methods of reaching the desired Candidates. The applications of selected Candidates are verified in terms of matching the desired position profile. The selected Candidates are then verified in terms of their competences during an interview.

During this stage, the Customer receives applications from Candidates who have been positively assessed during my face-to-face interview. The key issue for me in the cooperation and recruitment process is respecting my Customer’s time, therefore they receive only verified applications that meet the agreed profile. The customer receives detailed information about the candidate, such as their abilities, personality, strengths, ways of working and knowledge of the industry or even areas requiring improvement. All this is done in order to provide high quality information about the potential employee. At this stage, the Customer decides which job candidates they want to meet in person.

This is the stage where the Customer and the candidate meet to get to know each other. The Customer has the opportunity to verify the Candidate’s specialist competences and get to know his/her personality. The Candidate has the opportunity to get to know his/her potential boss and gain more information about the company. After the meetings, the Customer chooses the Candidate with whom they want to start working.

Once both parties have decided to start working together, I coordinate the signing of the Agreement between them. Once the agreement is signed by the employee and work begins, my settlement with the Customer for the recruitment carried out takes place.

Who do I recruit?

I recruit managers and specialists, in particular, IT specialists

I am not afraid of challenges and interesting projects – even those outside the areas I know best. If you think my approach to the work of a recruiter suits your needs then don’t hesitate to contact me. Let’s talk about our partnership in employee recruitment..

Getting started!

With whom do I work?

Z kim pracuję?
I have conducted more than 450 employee recruitments for more than 50 companies and institutions

My customers are international corporations and local companies operating mainly in Silesia (especially in Katowice, Mikołów, Żory and neighbouring areas).

20 years of experience working with B2B customers

This has allowed me to develop the business acumen needed for proper cooperation in the field of employee recruitment.

My customers value my transparency, which, combined with very good communication, results in smooth cooperation.

An approach that allows me to achieve high efficiency of the conducted processes

My experience and knowledge allow me to conduct employee recruitment processes in an efficient and effective manner. I approach them professionally but also very personally – as if I were looking for an employee for my own company.

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